''My name is Linus Fridén, b. 1994, a Swedish-Chinese architect currently studying my last master semester at Konstfack in Stockholm. 
In my practice I often investigate light, materiality, equilibrium, colour, geometry in manifestations of product design, architecture and installations.

Beside architecture and design I also work as musician and piano pedagogues. Music is for
me a major source of inspiration which has been materialised in many of my work.''

------• Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts & Design Stockholm, Interior Architecture MFA 300 ECTS, 2015-2021
------• ENSCI - Les Ateliers Paris, Industrial Design 30 ECTS (Master Exchange), 2019-2020
------• Royal Academy of Art The Hague, Interior Architecture MFA 60 ECTS, 2018-2019
------• The Glasgow School of Art Glasgow, Interior Architecture 60 ECTS (Bachelor Exchange), 2017-2018

------Uppsala/Stockholm University Uppsala/Stockholm, Management & Economics 120 ECTS, 2018-2021

------• IDA - International Design Awards 2020, Farmani Goup, Honorable Mention                                                            -----• DNA Paris Design Awards 2020, Farmani Group, Winner                                                                                                ------ • Student of the Year - Digital Talent of the Year 2020 TietoEvry, Nominate                                                                 --- --• Ein und Zwanzig, World's Finest Design Talents 2020 German Design Council, Shortlist                                     -
------• Ein und Zwanzig, World's Finest Design Talents 2019 German Design Council, Shortlist 
------Prisad Färg 2018 Swedish Colour Centre Foundation & NCS, Winner
------Prisad Färg 2016 Swedish Colour Centre Foundation & NCS, Winner

------• Swedish
Mother Tongue
------• Chinese 
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------• English
Full Professional Proficiency 
------• German
------• French

------linus.friden@outlook.com                             +46 (0) 723 030 408